Pathloss 4.0 installation & maintenance

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Version 4.0 installation & maintenance

Maintenance update

The version number of the Pathloss program does not change. It is always 4.0. The releases are identified by the program build date. Click Help - About on the Pathloss menu bar to display the program release status.

There are two different versions of the maintenance update. The keydisk version is for Pathloss programs that use the blue 3.5" floppy disk labeled "Setup" and can be downloaded at [plw40_mu.exe]

The USB key version is for Pathloss programs that use the purple USB key (dongle, HASP) and can be downloaded at [plw40_hasp_mu.exe]

The Pathloss program is maintained from this web site. The maintenance update consists of a single file. This is a self extracting executable WinZip file which contains only the required files for the maintenance update.

Download this file to a temporary directory on your computer. Follow the steps below to upgrade your current program.

  • Ensure that the Pathloss program is not running.
  • Make a note of the Pathloss program directory.
  • Select Start - Run, browse for and then run the file from above.
  • Make sure the Overwrite Files Without Prompting option is checked.
  • If necessary, change the Unzip to Folder entry to the Pathloss program directory.
  • Click the Unzip button. This will extract the required files.

The updated Pathloss program is now ready to run.

**Do not delete any of the existing files before running a maintenance update.**

The options files PLW40.OPT and PLW40DBS.OPT may change in subsequent program builds. These files contain the program options and user settings. The maintenance update will always overwrite these files with default values.

If the program is installed on a network, the options file PLW40.OPT is located on the users' hard disks. In this case it will be necessary to delete this file on the remote terminals before using the updated program.

Please note that you will have to reset all options including: file locations, terrain database options, datum/elipsoid options.

Considerations for maintenance updates

Each maintenance update contains new language files. New menu items may have been added. The maintenance update procedure effectively overwrites the existing language files; and therefore, any changes that were made to the existing files will be lost. If a new translation was made, the menu structure in the new release may be different than the previous. The only solution to this problem is to advise CTE of the changes you have made and these changes will be incorporated into the new release. If a new translation is made, send in the translation and it will be incorporated as a new standard language.

All language change notifications should be sent by Email to

Instructions for adding missing OpenGl libraries

The following is from Microsoft:

"Support for OpenGL is not included with Windows 95. OpenGL for Windows 95 is available with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Level 2 and the Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) as a set of redistributable .dll files. OpenGL for Windows 95 is also available from [opengl95.exe]"