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Multi Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium

The MRLC site has discontinued the BIL format. please use the FetchSRTM tool to download NLCD data in the BIL format

A seamless download site that has NED and NLCD data for the US in BIL format.

Download the data in BIL format

Follow these steps to download the terrain data in the BIL format




Click the download button for each data-set and wait for the extraction process to complete (Could take 5-10 minutes or longer)

Unzip the files in to a folder. Use separate folders for NED and NLCD data

Configuring Pathloss 5 to use the data

Select Configure -> Setup GIS Configuration from the Pathloss 5 main menu.


Select the top level folder that contains all the unziped NED data.

Clutter is set up similarly.