December 21st - Pre-release

ITU P.530 XPIC Operation

ITU P.530 XPIC operation now uses the C/I ratio from the ACM table if it exists. If a C/I ratio does not exist in the ACM table it will be calculated from the 10^-6 threshold and the noise floor. This value will be shown in the XPIC window for the selected modulation state. 

The threshold degradation is now displayed in the XPIC window for the selected modulation state and also in the table for all modulation states. 

The lower limit for the value n in equation 114 in ITU-R P.530-18 was removed. With the lower limit of -3, the best performance for XPD outage due to rain was 99.999. Removing the lower limit fixes this. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused ITU P.530-18 data files to be read incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that prevented adding bands to a multi-band link
  • Fixed handling of UTC8 characters in paths and filenames
  • Cosmetic and language changes