December 8th - Pre-release

Calculation Options

The following Calculation Options have been added to Pathloss 6.

  • Added ITU-R P.530-18
  • Added ITU-R P.530 XPIC calculation

ITU-R P.530-18 include new data files for Geoclimatic data and dN75 data. 

There is an aditional option for XPIC calculations. you can now chose between ITU-R P.530 and North American. North American is the same as the Pathloss 5 Co-channel calculation. 

The ITU.R 837-7 Rain database is fixed in this release.

PL6 Format

The .pl6 Link File format has been introduced to the program to accommodate previously unavailable calculation options and allow for growth over the life of Pathloss 6.

Pathloss 6 can read all previous link file formats (.pl3, pl4, pl5). These files can be imported in to a network, opened in the link window, or loaded via a .gr5 file.

Updating Link Files

When a file is saved in the link window, it will be saved as a Version 6 Link File (.pl6). If that link is also in the network at the time, you will be prompted to update the network to use the Version 6 Link File.

To convert multiple files, you would first import them in to a network (Files – Import Link File) or open a .gr5 containing the links. Then click Files – Link File Formats – Update Link Files to Version 6. You can select a group to convert or All Links. Click the green check to start the process. When it is finished you will see a message box showing the number of converted files. The network is also updated with the new version 6 link file associations.

These is a similar operation for exporting links to Version 5.1 (.pl5) or 4 (.pl4) formats. This is found under Files – Link File Formats – Save Links as Earlier Versions.

PLZ Format

The PLZ format is now used for passive repeater links in Version 6. A passive repeater is created by combining 2 existing .pl6 link files. The result is saved as a .plz link file without affecting the component .pl6 files. Once a passive repeater is created, the data is self-contained in the .plz file and no longer depends on the component paths as it did in Version 5.

Version 5 passives can be loaded and saved as a Version 6 PLZ using the methods above. When loading the version 5 passive, the .pl5 component link files should be placed in the same folder as the passive .pl5 file.

(Note on network file format: The network file .gr5 will receive a new format during release of the PTMP module. During pre-release, Pathloss 6 will save networks as .gr5 files. These can be opened with version 5, but Version 6 link file formats will not be recognized.)

Network Window Keyboard Accelerators

Ctrl-Key keyboard accelerators have been added to the network display. The specific keys will probably change before final release.

Ctrl-S – Save Network
Ctrl-N – New Network
Ctrl-O – Open Network
Ctrl-F – Find Sites in Network
Ctrl-Q – New Link Window
Ctrl-W – Import Link File in to network
Ctrl-D – Download GIS data.
Ctrl-E – Generate Elevation Backdrop
Ctrl-R – Generate Clutter Backdrop
Ctrl-K – View Site List
Ctrl-L – View Link List
Ctrl-1 – Toggle Map Backdrop On/Off
Ctrl-2 – Toggle Elevation Backdrop On/Off
Ctrl-3 – Toggle Clutter Backdrop On/Off