Version 6.00.18

CSV Report - Column Definition File Format Correction - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

This problem affects Column Definition Files (cv5) created up till now with Pathloss Version 6. An unfortunate format error was introduced in Pathloss 6.00.06 that caused a column ID mismatch between Ver5 and Ver6 created .cv5 files. This has caused an uncorrectable ambiguity when reading columns related to Link Data.

Due to the early stage of Pathloss 6 release, it was decided to revert the Version 6 ID values to match the Version 5 values as was originally intended.

Because of this change, CSV Link Definition Files (.cv5) created with any version of Pathloss 6 up to now will be invalid. The files will need to be recreated; or, you can correct existing column definition files by removing all the columns that belong to the "Link Data" section and re-adding them. Save the resulting file. You could also load a cv5 created with Version 5.

Network RTF Report Copy and Printing

The operations in the Files - Print menu (RTF Report, Printer, and Copy) have been updated to work with the new Tiled map backdrop projection and the new drawing routines. This is the first stage of updates to Network Report and Printing.

For the time being, reports generated with Tiled Map Backdrop enabled will operate slightly differently than previous reports. Because of the lack of a linear scale when using Tiled Maps, the report does not use vectors to show sites and links. The network is drawn entirely to a bitmap and then applied to the report. This may lead to readability issues for large or congested network because zooming the image will not change the scaling and size of links / sites.  Turning the Tiled map backdrop off (Configure - GIS System - Network Display - Use Tiled Map Backdrop) will see the network exported in the version 5 style. 

Current Limitations: The Map Backdrop and Grid are not currently printed. This will be added in a future update along with options to customize how the bitmap is scaled and rendered.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Extents are now shown correctly in the Extents and Layers dialog box when using Tiled Map Backdrop.
  • Network display will no longer zoom to the extents when exiting Site List, Link List, Display Options, GIS Configuration Options, etc.
  • Fix to RTF profile drawing problem causing hatch fill to be drawn in the wrong location.
  • Corrected problem when exporting to Version 5 link files. (Bug was introduced with changes in 6.00.17)