Version 6.00.22

Batch PTMP Link Creation

A new operation has been added to the Pathloss 6 Coverage module (PL5C and PL5T). PTMP Links can now be created using the automatic link designer for any number of base stations. This operation is accessed by clicking Studies - Create PTMP Links...,

This operation is similar in usage to the Create PTP Links operation except that only Base Stations are considered as "From" sites. Groups and Selections are used to control the scope of the operation. A PTMP link design rules file (.ld6) is used to determine the parameters of the design. When viewing the link design rules from this operation, the buttons to edit base station equipment will be disabled.

PTMP Links can then be created, examined, rejected and finalized using the blue buttons in the Batch PTMP Create dialog.

PTMP Design Rules - Antenna Heights and TX Lines

The Antenna and TX-Line design rules dialog has also been modified. The language has been updated and Base Station parameters such as antenna heights are no longer accessible from the design rules.

In addition, Assigned Antenna Heights can now be used as an antenna method on both the single or batch PTMP create operations. For PTMP links this only applies to the remote site, as the base station height is fixed. For this method, the site list is checked to see if there is a value for "Assigned antenna height" for that site. This value will be used if available, otherwise the antenna height will be set to the tower height. If neither of these values is available, the link is not created.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Language updates in program and help documents.
  • Corrected 1 Memory Leak