Updates and Revision History

The latest version of the Pathloss 6 program can be downloaded using the link in your license email or by entering your serial number in the space below and clicking Download.

Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.34

Version 6.00.34 - August 31, 2023

  • NED 1" terrain data format has been changed to use the latest GeoTIFF sources.
  • Added functionality allowing users to selectively delete the managed terrain data caches. 
  • Added display to show the managed terrain data cache size.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.33

Version 6.00.33 - August 8, 2023

  • CSV Link Import: Improved file handling and Multiband .plz creation. See: Import Links From a Text File
    • There is a new dialog to handle filename collisions during CSV Link Import. The program lists what type of file exists (.pl6 or .plz) and allows you to select how to resolve the conflict: Overwrite, Overlap, Multiband or Skip.
    • The Overlap option works the same as the functionality introduced in 6.00.31 but now allows the user to customize the suffix that will be added to the link filename. (The checkbox U/I that was added in 6.00.31 has been removed.)
    • The Multiband option will either combine the incoming row with an existing .pl6 file (possibly created earlier in the same import) to create a dual band .plz file (replacing the .pl6 file). Or, if a .plz file exists, the incoming row will be added to it as another band.
    • The Overwrite option will save the link as a .pl6 file and remove the existing .pl6 or .plz file.
  • Network Find Operation (Ctrl+F) now has the option to create a selection from the found site or link.
  • Fixed problem preventing the design frequency from being set to Vertical when exiting the Channel Table.
  • Channel Table will remember the frequency plan scroll location when closing and opening.
  • Added Keyboard Accelerator to toggle vectors (Ctrl+4) and to select the Map Backdrop Style (Ctr+7 - Terrain, Ctrl+8 - Street, Ctrl+9 - Satellite)
  • Main Toolbar buttons no longer greyed out when window does not have focus.
  • Fixed bug preventing Ctrl-clicking in the leftmost column from properly selecting multiple rows in Site List and Link List.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.32

Version 6.00.32 - July 25, 2023

  • Holding the [S] key while on the Network Display will swap from the Link Cursor to the Selection Cursor for as long as it is held.
  • Added "Move / Rename Link File" to the network right click menu and to the Link List menu. This operation will allow you to rename or move the link file (.pl6, .plz, .pl5) on disk. The network is updated with the new file location.
  • Site and Link Thematics can now be changed via the network right click popup menus.
  • Reorganized Site List and Link List menus and added keyboard shortcuts for most operations.
  • Added an "Erase All" button to clear every cell in the ACU and TX Lines Worksheets. (Crtl-Delete is the keyboard shortcut.)
  • Changed to how selections operate in grid controls (Site List, Link List) so that a selection can be removed by left clicking on it. 
  • Added Help Button To Link Text Import Dialog.
  • Fixed Crash when entering Antenna Height TX Lines section in the PTMP link design rules.
  • Added the datum EPSG 3163 RGNC91-93 / Lambert New Caledonia to the GIS options.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.31

Version 6.00.31 - July 14, 2023

  • There is now a prompt to update the design frequency, if required, when exiting the channel table in Transmission Analysis module. The design frequency will be set to the average of all TX channel frequencies. The design polarization will be set to Vertical if all TX channels are Vertical or to Horizontal if any TX channel is set to Horizontal.
  • Added option to use the ITU Minimum K value in the link design rules and as a default option for new links.
  • Radio and Antenna Indexes: The Frequency Lo and Frequency High filters are automatically populated with the design frequency when opening from the Transmission Analysis and PTP Design windows. The keyboard focus is also set to the Frequency Low edit control on entry.
  • The Site List function "Update Link Files" now updates the Link ID as well. The operation should be run after changing Link IDs from the Link List to save the .pl6 Link Files with the new ID. 
  • Link Text Import: There is a new option available on the last panel of the import dialog: "Add to Network as Overlapping Links". When this option is enabled, a new Link File will be created for every row in the csv. All links will be added to the network including overlapping links. Existing files will not be overwritten. Numeric suffixes "_N" will be added to the generated filenames as needed to prevent any conflict with existing files. This can used to create a new network with overlapping links or add different link revisions to an existing network. 
  • Link Text Import: Antenna parameter columns can now be assigned to both Site 1 and 2.
  • CSV Link Report: Modulation state availability columns are now populated to 5 decimal precision.  NOTE: If you are working with an existing column definition file, the [MS] Availability columns will need to be removed and then added back (usgin the Column Definition Dialog) to apply the higher precision.
  • Export Link Files to Version 5 format: The Yes-to-All and No-to-All buttons now work properly in the overwrite file prompt. 
  • Fix crash in Transmission Detail and Summary reports when using the non-table style.
  • Fixed bug in Terrain Data report where azimuths were reported in DMS instead of decimal degrees. 


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.30

Version 6.00.30 - July 4, 2023

  • Added Water Vapor Density, Atmospheric Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure to the Transmission Details and Transmission Summary Report. This option is found in Configure - Options - Program Options in the Common Fields section. The values are output on one line and also lists the source of the parameters (User, ITU_Min, ITU_Avg, or ITU_Max)
  • Also added the above atmospheric parameters to the CSV Report. These values are found in the Link Data section.
  • Legends are now sized properly and will tile vertically on the display. 
  • Fixed problems with control panels not showing in some windows (Reflection Variable and Program Options)
  • Also corrected scrolling problems on these control panel windows.
  • Fixed some display bugs with the Days:Hours:Mins:Seconds format.
  • Small fixes to Carrier Aggregation output.
  • Frequency Assignment operation now allows you add both H and V polarizations for the same channel


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.29

Version 6.00.29 - June 8, 2023

  • Added the option to report the Time in Mode value in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds format (DDD:HH:MM:SS.SS). This value is shown in the adaptive modulation table in the Transmission Analysis module. The option to toggle this is in the Program Options Window (Configure - Options - Program Options) under the Adaptive Modulation Reports section.
  • Right clicking on a Site or Link and selecting Group Membership will now display a dialog that shows all groups and allows you to change the memberships of the Site or Link.
  • When right clicking on a Site or Link site that is part of a Selection, the Group Membership operation will now allow you to add or remove the Selection from a group or create a new group from the Selection.
  • NEW Google Earth Import allows you to import sites from .kml files created in Google Earth using placemarks. See 
  • Fixed problem in the Google Earth Export that displayed the fresnel zone as too large.
  • Fixed crash when Finalizing Links from Route Manager.
  • Fixed memory leak when generating performance report. 


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.28

Version 6.00.28 - May 17, 2023

  • Implemented improved drawing routines using Direct2D for custom backdrop imagery. Custom backdrops can now be configured in the GIS Setup Dialog using the same formats and methods as version 5. (Integration with GDAL will be part of a future update to support all major formats.) Custom backdrop imagery is only displayed if the tiled map system is turned off. 
  • Antenna and Radio Indexes: The import Folders and Sub-folders operation is now case insensitive with respect to file extensions.
  • The Interference Calculation now shows a results dialog window when complete and will automatically show errors if there are any.
  • Improved visualization of interference path when using the Interference Case Browser.
  • Entries in the TX Lines index can now be removed by pressing Delete or Ctrl-Y.
  • Fixed behavior causing the Antenna Index to only show the first word of the manufacturer. (re-import required)
  • Fixed bug in Antenna Index that could display an incorrect value for Diameter when using miles-feet.
  • Slight change to window layer ordering in the Transmission Analysis window.
  • Fixed 2 memory leaks.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.27

Version 6.00.27 - April 26, 2023

  • All Auto Link Creation Dialogs now allow rejection based on a maximum number of links per site. Excess links are rejected based on user selectable criteria. This operation is especially useful in combination with batch PTMP link creation, allowing the user to easily connect every remote to its best possible base station. This can quickly determine connectivity across a large number of base stations and remotes.
  • Fixed vertical and horizontal scrollbar operation in all option dialog windows.
  • Added RX Signal as a criteria to the "Limit Number of Links" operation described above.
  • Fixed issue with the program appearing to hang while creating PTP or PTMP links using the designer. The window now remains functional, and the operation can be canceled by pressing the X in the status bar.
  • Fixed problem exporting to Pathloss 5. When the space diversity method is set to ITU-R P.530-17 in Pathloss 6, the space diversity and frequency diversity methods are undefined in the exported file.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.26

Version 6.00.26 - April 13, 2023

  • Fix to handling of Managed DEM and Managed Clutter when working with .p6g files. The managed mode will be applied when a .p6g file is loaded and remains in that mode until another file is loaded or it is changed by the user. Loading a .p5g file will turn the managed systems off. They can be turned on again from the menu or the program options.
  • Added RX Signal to the CSV report output when using any of the Auto Link Design operations.
  • Edit - Modify dialog has been updated to work with PTMP links with additional control over calculation options.
  • User interface updates to the Smooth profile dialog box in the Specular Reflections Module.
  • Fix bug when using assigned antenna height in link design rules where the value would be applied in meters rather than feet. 


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.25

Version 6.00.25 - March 13, 2023

  • Clutter on profiles can now be generated by combining the category and description from the Clutter 1 database with heights from the Clutter 2 database. Please see Combining Clutter Height and Clutter Type
  • Carrier Aggregation: Low occurrence, or uncommon, combinations will now be grouped with the next lower common combination. This removes clutter and increases readability of results. These uncommon combinations can be listed or hidden in the report. Some options and controls have changed to reflect this. See Settings Section in: Multiband
  • Carrier Aggregation: The details panel and the reports have been reworked and simplified. Time is now displayed in a readable format rather than the percentage of the year.
  • Added RX Signal as a rejection criterion for all auto link creation operation.
  • Route Master added 'path length' as a design metric.
  • Changed default Local Study and Auto Link design colors for better clarity.
  • Sites and Links on the display are now highlighted more specifically depending on the operation being performed. For example, only base station sites will be highlighted when working with a base station operation.
  • Added new sources to Terrain Data Sources


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.24

Version 6.00.24 - February 7, 2023

  • TX Channels Dialog will now display frequencies and other floating point numbers with maximum precision.
  • Google Earth export now exports plz multiband links. Improved link organization within the kml data.
  • Google Earth export now includes the TX Line data as part of the link description.
  • Fixed crash when opening the rain dialog with a rain file loaded.
  • Fix for using long clutter descriptions in terrain data listing. 


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.23

Version 6.00.23 - February 3, 2023

  • Copernicus Global Land Cover data has been added to the automatic GIS download options.  This provides 100m resolution clutter data for the world. Terrain Data Sources
  • Added support for ERDAS IMG formatted terrain data.
  • RTF reports support for multiband link files. Transmission Detail and Summary reports now output the results of all bands. (For the time being, the format is unchanged and the bands are separated by page breaks.) The composite reports dialog will now work with .plz files including multiband designs.
  • Fixed RDS activation bug.
  • Fixed window sizing issues


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.22

Version 6.00.22 - January 17, 2023

Complete release notes are available at: Version 6.00.22

  • Added Batch PTMP Create operation to design PTMP Links from multiple base stations to mobile groups in one operation.
  • Updated Antenna & TX-Lines Design Rules dialog when working with PTMP and PTP Auto Design.
  • Assigned Antenna Height can now be used as an antenna height method in the PTMP Auto Link Designer.
  • Added Offline help
  • Language and Bug Fixes


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.21

Version 6.00.21 - November 23, 2022

  • Support for multi-monitor displays. Frame windows will now remember their last position across monitors. Other windows and dialog boxes will be positioned relative to their parent window.
  • Carrier Aggregation and Refractivity Gradient - K Reference dialog layouts modified to better fit smaller displays.
  • Fixed y-axis scaling in the Refractivity Gradient - K Reference dialog.
  • Fixed ITU 530-8 Percent of time dN/dh dialog window.
  • Fixed ASTER download problem for latitudes between 10N and 9S.
  • Added Ctrl-G keyboard shortcut to open the Group Manager dialog.
  • Added a draggable title bar to measure distance tool results dialog.
  • Fixed crash in diffraction module when manually defining isolated obstacle radius.
  • Fixed crash when entering power in an adaptive modulation radio data entry form.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.20

Version 6.00.20 - November 9, 2022

  • USGS NED 1/3" has been added to the automatic terrain data download. This data covers the entire USA.
  • ASTER Global 1" DEM has been added to the automatic terrain data download. This data covers the world from 83 degrees north to 83 degrees south, more at  .
  • All network drawing operations now implemented in Direct2D for increased performance and future improvements. 
  • Correction to Local Studies showing incorrect antenna pattern when using non-tiled maps display.
  • Fixed Transmission Detail Report bug which was outputting bad data for channel assignments.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.19

Version 6.00.19 - November 3, 2022

  • Ongoing improvements to network drawing efficiency.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a muitiband plz file to open incorrectly if it was saved while on a band other than Band 1.
  • Fixed Google Earth export bug that failed on links with channels.
  • Small change to local studies to reduce the required number of profile calculations.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.18

Version 6.00.18 - October 25, 2022

Complete release notes are available at: Version 6.00.18

  • CSV Report - Column Definition File (cv5) Format Correction. IMPORTANT: Column definition files (cv5) created with earlier versions of Pathloss 6 must be updated or recreated. Please see complete release notes for details.
  • Network RTF Reports and Copy operation now work when using Tiled Map Backdrop
  • Extents are now shown correctly in the Extents and Layers dialog box when using Tiled Map Backdrop.
  • Network display will no longer zoom to the extents when exiting Site List, Link List, Display Options, GIS Configuration Options, etc.
  • Fix to RTF profile drawing problem causing hatch fill to be drawn in the wrong location.
  • Corrected problem when exporting to Version 5 link files. (Bug was introduced with changes in 6.00.16)


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.17

Version 6.00.17 - October 14, 2022

Complete release notes are available at: Version 6.00.17

  • Update to antenna discrimination algorithm from TIA-10 (TIA TR45 Working Group).
  • ITU 530-8 dN/dh now defaults to worst month when selecting manually.
  • Fixed crash when generating a CSV Link Report which includes channel table table entries.
  • Fixed crash when selecting multipath algorithm options.


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.16

Version 6.00.16 - October 5, 2022

Complete release notes are available at: Version 6.00.16

  • Pathloss Link Files now support an unlimited number of channel frequencies!
  • New user interface integrating channel assignment and frequency plan. 
  • New options for Edit-Modify in the auto link design.
  • Support for FCSA MICS Flat File generation has been added.
  • Added column for Diameter to the Antenna Index.
  • Added "Filename" to csv export, which exports the full path of the .pl* link file.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Pathloss from starting.
  • Tweaks and Fixes


Pathloss 6 - Version 6.00.15

Version 6.00.15 - September 2, 2022

Complete release notes are available at: Version 6.00.15

  • Apply Link Template updated to work with Multiband Links
  • Keyboard Shortcut Rework for Link Window
  • Simplified the Terrain Auto download menus and options
  • Single site interference bezier line drawing fixed
  • Window sizing changes
  • Improved Local Study Progress Bar 
  • Language changes
  • Additional fixes and corrections


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.14

Version 6.00.14 - August 22, 2022

  • Changes to SRTM server
  • Fix for displaying tiled map backdrop in a shared environment
  • Fixed problem which could cause incorrect map tiles to be downloaded. If you are seeing incorrect tiles after update, right click and select Refresh Map Tile or use the method below.
  • Added Operation to delete locally cached map tile images for the current style: Configure - GIS System - Network Display - Map Operations - Delete Cached Map Tiles.
  • Fixed bug which could cause left click to behave as if it clicked on a site name when nothing is there.
  • Additional fixes and corrections


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.13

Version 6.00.13 - July 27, 2022

  • Dynamic coordinate grid when using Tiled Maps. This can be toggled from the Network Display Options menu or from the new toolbar button.
  • Bug fix for crash when closing the Vigants Barnett Fade Probability dialog window.
  • Bug fix for MRU loading in the Link window.
  • Big fix for changes that prevented second instances from starting.


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.12

Version 6.00.12 - July 26, 2022

  • Network Site and Link painting now uses direct draw for performance improvements.
  • Added optimizations for drawing large networks with many elements.
  • ITU-R P.835-6 atmospheric data available with all fade methods
  • ITU-R P.530-18 now uses the limits for the regression parameters   


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.11

Version 6.00.11 - July 14, 2022

  • Repackaged ITU 835-6 data for smaller setup file
  • Bug fix - new antenna discrimination routine returned NAN at boresight 


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.10

Version 6.00.10 - July 5, 2022

  • Support for GeoJSON Vector Formats and Tiled Vector Building Data
  • New 3D Antenna Discrimination Formulas
  • Local Studies Initial Rework
  • FCC ULS Database Integration

Complete release notes are available at Version 6.00.10 - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.09

Version 6.00.09 - June 6, 2022

  • Support for GeoTIFF Raster DEM Files Using GDAL
  • Support for Terrain Data Download Through a Proxy Server
  • User Selectable GIS Directory
  • Versioning System Changes
  • Improved Error and Warning Messages
  • New GIS Tiles
  • Bug Fixes 

Complete release notes are available at Version 6.00.09 - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.08

Version 6.00.08 - April 25, 2022

  • Updated to latest version of Microsoft software development platform.
  • Correction to export .pl5 routine that could cause an incorrect export if done from the link window with multiband files.


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.07

Version 6.00.07 - April 12, 2022

  • Add Range in Design Links
  • Add Structures to Links from Network Window
  • Export To Version 5 .PL5 Format
  • Export to FCSA MICS Flat File
  • ITU-R P.835-6 Atmospheric Data
  • ITU-R P.530-18 Fade Factor Warning
  • Bug fixes

Complete release notes are available at Version 6.00.07 - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.06

Version 6.00.06 - March 1, 2022

  • Integrated GDAL GIS Library
  • User Link ID Value Added to Networks and Links
  • Link Text CSV Export Improvements
  • Vector System Rework
  • Added Remote Desktop Operation for Windows Server 2012 and newer.
  • Bug Fixes

Complete release notes are available at Version 6.00.06 - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.05

Version 6.00.05 - January 7, 2022

  • Removed Browse for Folder Dialog
  • Child Window Keyboard Control and UI
  • Text Import Dialogs
  • New Link Design Rules File Extension (.ld6)
  • Multiband and Carrier Aggregation XPIC fix
  • Network Window Toolbar
  • Download Update Streamlining
  • Minimum K Operation in Clearance Criteria Dialog
  • ITU P.530-8 calculates correctly when using Edit-Modify Links

Complete release notes are available at Version 6.00.05 - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.04

Version 6.00.04 - December 23, 2021

  • Removed lower path length limit for ITU P530-17/18 fade calculation. This was used in program testing
  • Removed XPIC threshold degradation that was introduced in version 6.00.02
  • Fixed file associations in the installer 


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.03

Version 6.00.03 - December 21, 2021

  • Fixed bug with design frequency when using multi-band


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.02

Version 6.00.02 - December 20, 2021

  • Changes to ITU P.530 XPIC calculation
  • Fixed bug that caused ITU P.530-18 data files to be read incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that prevented adding bands to a multi-band link
  • Fixed handling of UTC8 characters in paths and filenames
  • Cosmetic and language changes

Complete release notes are available at December 21st - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Pre-release - Version 6.00.01

Version 6.00.01 - December 8, 2021

  • Added ITU-R P.530-18
  • Added ITU-R P.530 XPIC calculation
  • Fixed ITU.R 837-7 Rain database 
  • Introduced PL6 file format
  • PLZ format is now used for passive repeater designs
  • Introduce Network Window Keyboard Accelerators

Complete release notes are available at December 8th - Pre-release


Pathloss 6 Initial Pre-release - Version 6.00.00

 Version 6.00.00 - November 12, 2021